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Kodak Polar Mammoth Hunter

"When the past comes back to life"....


Mammoth--One that is extraordinarily large and powerful; of extraordinary size and power.

Middleburg KC
(Best of Breed)
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Hunter's Show Results

Maryland Kennel Club, Inc. - Sunday 02/17/2002

Middleburg Kennel Club - Saturday 10/27/2001

Old Dominion Kennel Club - Sunday 09/30/2001

Old Dominion Kennel Club

Middleburg Kennel Club

Palisades Kennel Club
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Hunter wins the Sr. Sweeps at Palisades.
Hunter wins the Sr. Sweepstakes at Palisades.
Shown by Krista Nuovo. "Thanks Krista!"

Ramapo Kennel Club
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Hunter at 7 mos.
Hunter at 7 mos.
Hunter at 5 weeks
Hunter at 5 weeks
Hunter at 3 months
Hunter at 3 months
Hunter at 3 months
Hunter at 3 months


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