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These are a few of our favorite links.

Kennel Clubs

Alaskan Malamute Annuals Go here to order 1982-1999 annuals.

The AKC's Standard for the Alaskan Malamute the American Kennel Club approved breed standard. Note that, along with the more "cosmetic" concerns, the Malamute's suitability for his original work of heavy freighting is given paramount importance.

The Westminster Kennel Club dog show is the most famous in the U.S. Isis competed in 2001! We hope Hunter will be at Westminster one day.


Mal Breeders

The famous UYAK Kennels producing some of the finest malamutes since 1966. KODAK Alaskan Malamutes are proud direct desendants of the UYAK line!

Another ancestral kennel is Kipnuk Alaskan Malamutes. This site is under construction, but you can already see that it will be great!

Alaskan Malamute Centro Selezione Del Biagio Alaskan Malamutes This site gives you options for Italian or English and Nestcape or Explorer. Plus pictures of some beautiful dogs.


Malamute History

The Robert Zoller Story was written with Tracy Young. This web site gives an insider's view of the origin of the Alaskan Malamute as a recognized breed.

Want to know who are the original foundation dogs for malamutes? Here they are! Thanks to Chuck Gerson for the research.

Great site to see ancestral dogs (pictures and pedigrees) in our line! Thanks to Wayeh Kennels for finding and posting the information!


Talking about Mals

Malamute Forum A place to talk with others about Alaskan Malamutes.


Working your mal

International Weight Pull Association (IWPA)

Black Ice Dog Sledding Equipment has lots of equipment for the working dog!

Iditirod--The Last Great Race Check out everything on this great race.


General dog links

Where to buy a Purebred Dog By Laurel Tofflemire " From what resource would you have the best chance of finding a nice healthy pet with lifetime of support from it's breeder? I feel it is odds on from the hobbyist show breeder." Copyright Laurel Tofflemire 1998, Home Terraholm Border Terriers, and Huskihaus Siberian Huskies.

If you would like guidance on raising your new malamute, turn to the Monks of New Skete for help.


Other links that we recommend.

Coat Funk is a condition that many older malamutes develop. This site describes what it is and what the Malamute community is doing to combat it.

EUKANUBA premium dog food is fed exclusively @ KODAK Alaskan Malamutes for optimum nutrition @ all stages of life! It may cost us a bit more but our dogs are worth it and as with most things in life, things that cost more are generally better and worth it in the long run!!!

One our favorite Alaskan/Arctic theme artist is Jon Van Zyle. Stop in here and see his work.

Kola is a grassroots human rights organization whose main objectives are to spread correct information on every issue concerning American Indian & Canadian First Nation people(s). We support them, because without them we wouldn't have our dogs.

The Nature Conservancy Without preserved quality habitat, endangered species don't have a chance.

Help save the world! Go to the Ecology Fund and click to donate land at no cost to you.

Where did some of the dogs' names come from?
From the books of Jean Auel. Here's another link that tells the story of "Earth's Children," the books of Jean Auel.





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