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Kodak's full face

("Lobo's Kodiak Glacier King")
OFA #AM-9868G73M
Height: 25", Weight: 110 lbs.

Welcome to the web site for KODAK Alaskan Malamutes. We only breed pure strain AKC registered Alaskan Malamutes. We believe that this is one of, if not the, finest Malamute lines around. Our dogs go back to Husky-Pak, Kodara, and T'Domar lines which gave rise to Uyak, Karohonta, Kiwalik, Kipnuk, Nomarak, J-Len, Artic-Luv and others.

The name "KODAK" is a play on words relating to the history of this particular well established and unique line of malamutes. Our dogs are related to old "KODARA" and "T'DOMAR" stock as well as "UYAK"(read more at The name "KODAK" pays omage to this fact. It is also an abreviation for Kodiak Alaska (AK) which is in our top stud's name ("Lobo's Kodiak Glacier King" who we call "KODAK"). Also, staying with the tradition of more recent favorite lines beginning with the letter "K", "KIPNUK" and "KIWALIK" kennels owned by Ken Hyatt and Terry Sewell respectively, we chose to use a name beginning with the letter "K" and ending in "AK" like "UYAK" and "NOMARAK" as well. We also like the name because it sounds "beefy" like a barbarian name, like "CONAN" (and KODAK IS a beefy Malamute)!

Proud member of AMCA




Breedings: KODAK x Sequoiah. Born November 11, 1999, 5 males and 2 females. Come see pictures of some of the puppies.
Preference will be given to buyers who will show and/or work the dog.
Stud service available to select females

Check back frequently. We will be adding pictures and more as our family of Alaskan Malamutes grows.

Contact us at KODAK Alaskan Malamutes; P.O. Box 26095; Arlington, VA 20115
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